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Frame tie (spacer) for arch support.

Frame tie (spacer) is used to connect adjacent frames of support to make them steady.
Lock ZPP for SVP-17; 22; 27; 33 (with straight strap of profile SVP side piece).

Locks of yielding assemblies shall ensure strength uniformity of yielding assembly behavior in bending of beam of solid profile, which bearing elements of the support are made of; exclusion of possibility for profile ends to break when yielding assembly is bent; stable behavior in yielding mode with sampling variance Sv, % as per GOST Р 50910-96 not more than ±15%.
Lock ZPK for SVP-17, SVP-22, SVP-27, SVP-33 (with shaped strap forged of 12, 16, and 20 mm wide strips).

Lock ZPK is used to connect components of frame support made of special interchangeable profile.
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