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Reinforcing mesh, coil mesh.

Reinforcing mesh and frames are used to produce in-situ reinforced concrete structures.

at all construction stages;
reduction of plastic flow of concrete before finishing and grout affected by moisture, temperature and prolonged loads;
increase in bearing capacity of brick masonry and concrete structures.
Complete set:

Mesh and reinforcing frames are made of reinforcing rods arranged in two mutually perpendicular directions and connected at intersections by welding.
Table 1 – Mesh
Title of indicator Values
Diameter of longitudinal bars, mm
from 4 to 12
The diameter of the cross rods, mm
from 4 to 12
The distance between the bars (the axes) cross, mm:
from 50 - 200
The distance between the bars (the axes) longitudinal, mm
from 50 - 200
Width, mm
... - 1200
Length, mm
... - 6000
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